Mapping the "Available" Space at Valley View

Ron Natinksy's comments concerning Valley View Center reminded me: We never did hear from a local Macerich rep concerning whatever kind of "plans" the mall owner may or may not have for North Dallas's beleaguered mall. So I called around this morning without much luck: First I tried Rebecca Brownlee, listed on Macerich's Valley View Center leasing-info site as the person in charge of specialty leasing at the mall, only to discover she doesn't work there any longer. And the man who now has the gig only works three days a week. (Incidentally, as I discovered this morning, specialty leasing refers to leases that run for one month through two years; permanent leasing is anything longer than two years.)

Then I tried Tom Unis III, in charge of permanent leasing, at the number provided by Macerich. That number doesn't work. I finally tracked down his actual number and left a message. Also found one for Wendall Nault, who handles leasing for the mall. He's traveling and won't be back till Thursday. While I was at it, I left another message for Christine Romero, the company's Nashville-based spokesperson.

I did find this, though: two maps showing the copious number of stalls, slots and storefronts available for lease at Valley View Center, including the Macy's and Dillard's sites. And a Friend of Unfair Park directed our attention to this recent item from Labelscar that puts Valley View on "Death Watch." Writes Prange Way toward the end of a lengthy history-of:

With two large anchors dark, Valley View Center is definitely in trouble and living on borrowed time. If management is proactive in retenanting or redeveloping the dark anchors, the mall could be saved. It might be too late, though, considering competition coming from all sides and the mall no longer having a niche in the market. Personally, I would remove the dead anchors, demolish them, and put up one of those fancy fad-oriented outdoor mall portions. Maybe even add some entertainment and restaurants; call it The District or something. Too bad the movie theater is on top of the mall on the inside, or that would go great out there too. Definitely add a Coldwater Creek though, and a Chico's.

Seriously, proactive management needs to take charge and put Valley View Center on the offense to save it from becoming a piece of history. Like I said, it might be too late, but this is monied north Dallas, and this mall is well-positioned in it.

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Robert Wilonsky
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