Mascot or Not? Turns Out, UTD'ers Loves Them Some Temoc After All.


Back in May, Merritt noted the University of Texas at Dallas's search for a new mascot, one that would replace the rather lazily named Temoc -- which, yes, is "Comet" backwards. News of the quest makes the latest issue of The Chronicle of Higher Edcucation's subscription-only "Mascot Watch," which notes that the fate of a new mascot is yet to be determined. Following the tallying of more than 6,000 votes, school officials discovered, much to their surprise and probably chagrin, that "students, staff and faculty members, and alumni had voted 2 to 1 to keep the Comets nickname as well as a 'cometlike character' as the mascot." (Speaking of, Merritt, did you pick up your "I Heart Temoc" tee?) Notes Darrelene Rachavong, vice president for student affairs, "Students are saying we're just going to end up with Temoc with an extreme makeover. They may be right." --Robert Wilonsky

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