Mavs Can't Win a Damned Thing

If you thought things weren't going well at Reunion Arena last night, check out how triple poorly they went at the American Airlines Center, where the Maverics unveiled the Western Conference Championship banner. Kind of. Sort of. This was just before Don Nelson's Golden State Warriors took the Mavs' lunch money. (Who needs six million bucks when revenge is such a priceless thing?) So, what--a seven-game losing skid, is it, dating back to the NBA Finals? You read it here first: 0-82. (And thanks to our boy Sam Machkovech for the video. Yeah, we stole it from his site. What? It says you can. And Sam said it was OK too. I love him. Buyin' an Unfair Park ad right now for bigDlittled. You?) --Robert Wilonsky


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