Mayor Caraway: "It's Time to Move On."

Below, of course, you can listen to Mayor Dwaine Caraway's account of what happened between him and his wife on the night of January 2, per a recording made by Dallas Police after Chief David Brown sent officers -- including Deputy Chief Craig Miller -- to his and state Rep. Barbara Mallory Caraway's house. Chris Heinbaugh, in the mayor's office, just sent this statement from Caraway himself:

I have contended from the start that the recording contains deeply personal and private information. There is no public interest in this information, and I have made every effort to protect my family's privacy. But I respect the ruling of the court, and it's time to move on.

This morning, I assembled top City staff and asked them to join me in focusing on the important issues in front of our city -- reducing crime, attracting jobs and businesses, getting through another tough budget year and moving Dallas forward.

I will not be discussing this issue further.

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