Mayor to Tell Us All About the Trinity Toll Road Dream Next Week

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings took the time Wednesday to finally tell us when we we're all going to get to hear about the sure-to-be-revelatory findings of his self-convened Trinity toll road "dream team."

Rawlings, who says he asked the team to design a road consistent with both a meandering parkway and the high speed tollway called for by the Federal Highway Administration when it signed off on the road, said the first to hear about the dream team plan will be the diners at a $125-a-head nonprofit lunch next Tuesday, April 14. For the rest of us plebes, a special City Council meeting called for Thursday will give us our first peek into the dream team universe.

That meeting, if you're as much of a fan as Unfair Park of chaotic and dysfunctional local government, should be awesome. Since the beginning of March, Philip Kingston has said that what the dream team was asked to do was impossible, in addition to calling the mayor's suggestion a bald-faced lie. Scott Griggs -- along with Kingston and toll road-supporting District 5 council member Rick Callahan -- was called out by the mayor for speaking about the road at a March 4 council meeting where it wasn't on the agenda. District 3 council member Vonciel Hill and, of course, Kingston attempted to get their names on the open microphone speakers-list to yammer about the toll road at the March 25 council meeting, before city attorney Warren Ernst knocked them off, saying they probably would've violated the Texas Open Meetings Act had they taken the open mic.

Now, with the mayor's blessing, we're going to get a toll road free-for-all in the council chambers in addition to four town hall meetings about the dream team report across the city.

The mayor also finally revealed just who funded the dream team study: A roll call of Dallas' old guard, including the Dallas Citizens Council, the Dallas Regional Chamber and Peter Beck of the Beck architecture group. Kingston was less than impressed with the mayor's presentation.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.