Mayoral Candidates Address Issues of Hunger

Forthcoming in moments, Sam's recap of this morning's ballot-place-picking procedure at Dallas City Hall. But two days ago we listened in as the four candidates for Dallas mayor -- Mike Rawlings and David Kunkle especially -- debated the root cause of domestic violence at the North Texas Food Bank's forum. This morning, the food bank has posted this separate clip in which they were asked to "give us a personal example of how you have either experienced or witnessed hunger in your own life."

Ron Natinsky and Edward Okpa addressed the topic from the perspective of eyewitnesses; Rawlings and Kunkle gave more personal examples. The former homeless czar recounted his college days as a garbage man making minimum wage, the ex-Dallas Police chief mentioned that he had grown up the son of a single mother who was also an alcoholic, which is why, he said, "I was frequently hungry as a child."

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