Mayoral Race Now In Overtime as Mike Rawlings, David Kunkle Go to Runoff

It's all over but the drinking: Mike Rawlings, who will wind up with around 41 percent of the vote, and David Kunkle, who will claim around 32 percent, will face off June 18 in the runoff to see who will become the next mayor of Dallas. But truth told, Kunkle says, he wasn't sure that's how the night would end up when he saw how it began -- with he and council member Ron Natinsky separated by but a few hundred ballots in early voting.

"I didn't have any real expectations before the early vote came in," he just told Unfair Park from the San Francisco Rose, where his campaign held its watch party. "The people that worked on my campaign thought I would do better through the course of the night as the results came in from today's voting. And now it's gonna be five weeks of hard work. It'll certainly be different with just the two of us in debates."

I asked if his message or approach to campaigning will change, now that he's up against the fund-raising juggernaut with five more weeks to go.

"I don't think my message will change at all," he said. "It'll be just be Mike Rawlings and me up there [at debates], and it'll be a chance for voters to contrast the two us. I look forward to it, and I'm sure Mike does too."

Incidentally Angela Hunt handily won District 14 with around 67 percent of the vote. But in District 12, Sandy Greyson's headed to a runoff of her own against Donna Starnes.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.