Medrano and Jasso Bike Spain!

Over on Bike Friendly Oak Cliff, council member Delia Jasso's recapping her spring break trip to Spain, where she and Pauline Medrano want to ride their bicycles, want to ride their bikes, want to ride their bicycles, want to ride them where they like -- Seville, specifically. That's where the Velo-City confab's taking place, and the council members -- along with Dallas Bike Coordinator Max Kalhammer and other members of the Dallas delegation -- have gone abroad to see how we can do here what they do there. (City officials say this morning that the trip is being funded with a grant from Active Transportation Alliance, which ponied up grants nationwide to take "Latino elected officials to Spain to study biking and trails.")

For the most part, Jasso's sending photos, like the one you see here. Here's another of a Spanish bridge with bike-n-hike paths; BFOC points out that "the Calatrava bridge in Dallas has no bike facilities added." But today's does sneak peak something Jasso has in mind:

I have great information to bring back and share with everyone. The Dallas delegation is already talking about a cyclovia in Dallas and a potential route. See you all soon!

For those wondering, a ciclovía involves shutting down streets -- either permanently or, usually, temporarily -- to vehicular traffic in order to make way for cyclists. They started in Colombia but have become popular throughout the States. Hey, what's good enough for Cleveland, El Paso and L.A. ...

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