Meet Michael Stancil and Penny Kim, Two of Dallas' First Google Glassholes

It's hard to put your finger on what makes Google Glass so vaguely creepy. Technologically speaking, aside from a few extra tricks like the one that transmits sound not by making noise but by sending subtle vibrations through the skull, its basically like having a smartphone strapped to your head. Maybe the unease stems from the echoes of dystopian visions of the future involving computers implanted inside human flesh. Maybe it's a privacy thing. Maybe it's just Google's further encroachment into our daily lives.

Such concerns did not stop thousands, maybe millions of early adopters from offering their plans for the technology under the hashtag #ifihadglass and offering to cough up $1,500 for the chance to be a Google Glass Explorer. About 8,000 of them from around the country were picked, all of them "bold, creative individuals." Like novelist Gary Shteyngart, who wrote about the experience last week for the New Yorker. ("I hear that in San Francisco, where these devices are far more in evidence, the term 'Glassholes' is already current, but in New York I am a conquering hero.")

And who in Dallas fit that criteria? CW 33's Doug Magditch, who recently cemented his technological expertise with an groundbreaking interview with an Internet troll, caught up with two of them, Penny Kim and Michael Stancil.

Both Kim and Stancil fit the profile you'd expect an early adopter of Google Glass to have: young, tech-savvy, urban-dwelling Millenials. She's a photographer and the digital media strategist at projekt202, a local software design firm. According to her official bio there, she enjoys "playing piano, keeping up with technology trends, and writing articles about the best food establishments in Dallas." Her #ifihadglass, per her interview with Magditch: "I would represent people who already wear prescription lenses on a regular basis and how we would use this technology with glasses that we already have."

Stancil is the head of search for Buzzshift, a local digital strategy agency. He describes himself as "one of the most recognizable men on Pinterest, with over 1,000,000 followers" and is a big fan of the Spice Girls, whom he describes as "fun and full of energy." His #ifihadglass: "I'd show Dallas what it's like to live outside your windshield." (He owns a bike, but no car.)

And what's it like to be among the first people in Dallas with Google Glass?

"For the most part, people will just come up and be like, 'What's that?'" Stancil told Magditch. And Kim: "Some people are very excited about it when they see it, but others are very skeptical of it. They kind of avoid me."

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