Members of Section 8 Comedy Troupe Just Can't Seem to Stay Out of the Hospital

In January we told you about improv comedian Mark Orvik's protracted battle with a bizarre illness.The Section 8 Comedy Troupe co-founder finally got a clean bill of health this month after two years of pain and multiple surgeries. But the day doctors declared Orvik healthy, another member of the troupe landed in the hospital.

Chris Rager remains at Medical City in Plano with a collapsed lung and several broken bones after running out of gas late on November 10 near President George Bush Turnpike and Preston Road, Orvik tells Unfair Park. According to Orvik and Rager's wife, Crystal, he's still in and out of consciousness, and the details of what happened remain unclear. All he remembers, they say, is walking to fill up his gas can, then waking up hours later in a ditch along the freeway after having somehow fallen -- or been pushed -- over the wall.

"Somehow, some way he went over," Orvik says of the Dragonball Z voice actor. "Got hit or fell off."

His daunting list of injuries includes eight rib fractures, as well as fractures of the spine, pelvis and sacrum. His right arm was shattered. They recently took out the chest tube that was keeping his right lung inflated; it is staying open on its own now. He has had surgery on his wrist and will possibly need surgery on his pelvis. He is still on the ventilator; every time they try to take him off, he starts taking shallow breaths, possible due to the pain in his ribs.

While a team of four doctors helps him heal from the horrendous incident, Section 8 will hold benefit shows at Ozona Grill & Bar Tuesday and Friday at 9 p.m. to help with his medical costs.

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Megan Feldman
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