Midlothian Police Seeking Tactical Gear-Clad Church Killer

A couple of days a week, Missy Bevers taught a boot camp exercise group called Camp Gladiator outside Creekside Church of Christ on East U.S. Highway 287 in Midlothian. Monday, the 45-year-old arrived at the church just after 4 a.m. for her 5 o'clock class. Because of the rain Sunday, she headed inside the church to set up for an indoor class, Midlothian police say, at 4:18 a.m.

Once inside, police say Bevers encountered the man they believe killed her.

As shown in a video released by Midlothian police Monday afternoon, an unknown man broke into the church sometime before 3:50 Monday morning. Wearing full tactical gear, including a helmet, pads and a heavy vest with "POLICE" on the back, the man pried a door open and activated the church's motion-activated security cameras.
Police have not disclosed the cause of death, but they did say that Bevers' body exhibited obvious trauma. Her assailant, who police say did not appear to have stolen anything despite breaking several windows and causing other damage, left shortly after encountering Bevers.

Midlothian Police Chief Carl Smith said Monday afternoon that the murder was the first in the Ellis County town during his nearly nine-year tenure as chief.

Anyone with any information with regard to the killing is encouraged to contact the Midlothian Police Department at 972-775-3333.
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