Mike Rawlings Gives Good Beachhead

Mayoral Mike Rawlings just posted to his campaign website his Southern Sector Development Plan, which kicks off by ID'ing what the former Pizza Hut CEO and Park Board president refers to as "key beachheads": Bishop Arts & Jefferson Avenue, Pinnacle Park/Mountain Creek, Lancaster Kiest Transportation Corridor, Paul Quinn/UNT Dallas Education Corridor, West Dallas and Far Southwest Dallas. Each beachhead will get its own team with its own leader, each of whom will be charged with cooking up a three-year plan while also delivering "Quarterly Deliverables." (And who says this mayoral race is boring?)

An excerpt:

Beachhead Leadership Teams - As Mayor, I will work to recruit and appoint stakeholder teams for each of the six beachheads identified above. These teams will be lean and efficient, true to their name, and will include stakeholders from both the investor side and the community side including developers, neighborhood leaders, city planners, philanthropists and foundation representatives, neighborhood school leaders and urban design specialists. They will report directly to the Mayor and the Council member of the area they are representing. Working together, this group will establish short-term goals, set priorities and work in the public and private arenas to move their plan forward.

Three-Year Plans - Each of the Beachhead Teams will be asked to draft and submit a three-year plan. We want everyone informed and on the same page about what the overall vision is, and how we will get there. These plans will be the roadmap to success for the stakeholders and it will be a blueprint for investors, neighbors and others. And they will be used to track progress and measure short-term successes. These plans will include criteria for success, the tools needed to accomplish the job, who is accountable for each part of the plan, and a schedule of short-term and long-term deliverables. One lesson that I have learned as a CEO and as a volunteer leader, it's great to have a vision, but you must be able to break it down into everyday actions.

Read the whole thing for yourself while wondering whatever became of that other dude's Southern Sector Task Force.

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