Mixing with the Wrong Crowd

If you're a KDMX-FM (102.9, The Mix) morning-show listener, you probably already know about Tony and Cappy's MySpace predator sting. If you're not, prepare to be severely skeeved out.

After watching Dateline's disturbingly addictive "To Catch a Predator" series in which host Chris Hansen confronts old dudes looking for a sweet moment or two with a fake underage girl they "met" online, Cappy had a high school-aged cousin throw up a fake profile on MySpace. They're pretending to be a 16-year-old girl. He says the response is unsettling.

"We did it on Monday, and we already had contacts from individuals around the country," Cappy told Unfair Park this morning. "The first guy to reach out was a 27-year-old guy in Plano. He said, 'There's some good-lookin' women on MySpace, but you're really good-lookin'.'"

Cappy says he used the profile to contact a couple of guys, but for the most part, they find him. And the stuff these dudes are sending is anything but innocent.

"We got a message [on Wednesday] from a 55-year-old guy who said, 'Have a nice hump day,'" says Cappy. "There was an image he included of a guy and a girl having anal sex...He signs all his messages, 'xxoo.' Hugs and kisses."

If it comes to exchanging phone numbers with these guys, Cappy says he'll actually phone one of them on the air and "call them out." If someone tries to arrange a meeting, he plans to take that to the Attorney General and the FBI. Cappy says he didn't expect the volume of responses the profile would get. "I'm a guy and I'm father and I'm like, 'What's wrong with you to send this?'" --Andrea Grimes

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.