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"Mother Mary" Unmasked

Ah, yes--"The Sweet Thighs of Mother Mary." That infectious drum beat, that haunting female vocal. Now, you ask, just who is said female? Why, it's Lulie Scott, owner of the 26-year-old beloved Dallas boutique Emeralds to Coconuts, which sits at the corner of, what else, Homer and Henderson. Yep, that intersection is where the famed one-man band got his stage name; the sleepy-eyed songster and his fashion-forward main squeeze of many years used to live on that very corner, as well.

Scott is still the mastermind behind E2C's inventory but has left the singing career behind. In fact, when told the MP3 was up on the blog last week, she was somewhat taken aback and reminisced that when asked to provide her singing skills, she read the lyrics and asked Nick Tosches, "Wait, I'm supposed to be Mother Mary? Well, yeah, I guess I can do that." Scott said she didn't have any problem being identified at this late date, but does hope that religious zealots won't add her to their lists if they feel she didn't get the Mother Mary part quite right. Then she giggled and excused herself to report to Homer, who was waiting on the other line, that he was officially "blog-worthy." --Merritt Martin

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