Mothers Against Greg Abbott Attack Ads Go Viral | Dallas Observer

Mothers Against Greg Abbott Say 'No' to Texas' Republican Governor in New Viral Ad

A group called Mothers Against Greg Abbott has released a pair of viral ads in recent weeks.
Gov. Greg Abbott has made some Texas moms really mad.
Gov. Greg Abbott has made some Texas moms really mad. Wiki Commons

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Gov. Greg Abbott has squared off with some serious opponents during his political career, but now he’s facing arguably his fiercest foe yet: pissed off Texas moms.

A group calling itself Mothers Against Greg Abbott PAC, which has turned the MAGA acronym on its head, has been making headlines over a series of viral attack ads. The organization claims to be composed of Democrats, moderate Republicans and independents who share the common goal of “working together for Texas families.”

In the group’s latest ad, a doctor tells an anxious couple that their soon-to-be-child has a “catastrophic brain abnormality.” He explains that if the baby makes it to term, she will likely survive only for hours, during which time she will suffer.

“A decision will need to be made on termination,” the doctor says. “I wish I could tell you what to do, but there’s only one person who can make this choice. And that person is Greg.”
“Greg?” the woman asks with tears in her eyes.

“Who the fuck is Greg?” her partner demands.

“Let me just give him a call,” the doctor says, clapping his hands.

The doctor then opens a small cabinet with Abbott’s picture on it. Inside the cabinet is a red phone that's attached to the wall. He picks up the phone and talks with “Greg” for a moment before saying that he’ll relay the verdict to the couple.

“Yeah, that’s going to be a no,” the doctor says. “Best of luck to you.”

Text appears on-uriscreen as the confused couple looks at one another. “WHOSE CHOICE SHOULD IT BE? DON’T LET GREG DECIDE.”

The ad, posted to Twitter Monday morning, had around 5 million views by Tuesday afternoon.

Another one of the PAC’s ads has gone viral, too. Published in a tweet on July 15, it includes several moms who list a litany of reasons why they believe Abbott should get booted from the governor’s mansion.
Mothers Against Greg Abbott notes on its website that its campaign isn't about culture wars or divisive party politics. The moms argue that Texas families have suffered from Abbott's leadership during the pandemic and 2021’s winter storm.

“We refuse to put our heads in the sand for the passing of ‘constitutional carry’ and abortion laws,” the website states. “We demand better governance. We deserve better than Greg Abbott and those that he surrounds himself with.”

Abbott’s isn't exactly popular these days. He had an approval rating of 43% and a disapproval rating of 46% as of June, according to The Texas Politics Project.

The anti-Abbott moms are backing Democratic challenger Beto O’Rourke in the November election. O’Rourke has climbed in the polls recently, with a University of Houston survey placing him just 5 points behind the incumbent.

Mothers Against Greg Abbott isn't stopping its ad campaign now.

Over the weekend, the mothers teased another upcoming ad on social media, posting photos from a retro TV set made to look like that of The Dating Game. “The women are fighting back!” the group wrote in a Sunday tweet. “We are taking you back to 1973 in our future Ad! We are ready to take down the patriarchy.”
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