Museum Tower Is a Goddamn Flawless Jewel, Says Museum Tower

Museum Tower's PR team has really been stepping up their efforts lately to persuade people to live there, which sources familiar with the development told us in late August has been an uphill battle.

The charm campaign began with an exuberant full-page ad in The Dallas Morning News a couple weeks ago, and continues with a seven-minute video featuring a variety of people bringing themselves close to tears talking about the thing.

"It appears that it was just designed perfectly to be built across from the street from the Nasher," says Lea Ann Laughlin, director of sales. She stutters very slightly before adding quickly, "Across the street from the Myerson, surrounded by the Performing Arts Center and the Klyde Warren park. It's a little jewel dropped right in the middle."

"How could we not move here?" enthuses Laree Hulshoff, who just a year ago was enthusing similarly to the Morning News about her condo in the Plaza Turtle Creek II (which, according to DCAD, she and her husband still own. Although Museum Tower doesn't officially open until January, so perhaps that explains that).

But the real purpose of the video is to stress, again, that not only is Museum Tower "becoming an icon," in the words of one member of the PR team, but is also environmentally responsible and an impeccably good neighbor, piddling reflection issues aside.

"There's no doubt that the reflection off of Museum Tower is real," says Steve Sandborg, VP of sales and marketing. But, he adds, "It's not uncommon for ambitious projects like this to encounter construction challenges along the way, and they get solved." A professor of physics and optics is then brought in to confirm that problems get solved, along with some soaring shots of blueprints.

But our favorite testimonial is from resident Dick Bass, not so much for what he says ("When I saw the model, it was a 'Wow,' moment") but because his job description is given as "Adventurer." Because that's who lives in Museum Tower. Adventurous, iconic people.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.