NCAA Delays Reupping TicketCity Bowl License

The NCAA's Postseason Bowl Licensing Subcommittee met today in New Orleans, where it okee-doke'd bowl licenses through 2013-'14 for 32 out of the 35 game played during college football's postseason. (Really? Only 35? Coulda swore it was more like 98.) Anyway. Two of the no-go's were already fo-sho's: the Fiesta and the Insight, which are run by the same organization -- which, for those who may have forgotten, is in all kinds of hot water, which Cotton Bowl Classic officials hope means good news when it comes to hopping in the BCS rotation.

Also denied, for now: the TicketCity Bowl, which took over the Cotton Bowl at Fair Park last New Year's Day, halfway-ish filling a heretofore empty stadium abandoned when the Cotton Bowl Classic moved to Cowboys Stadium two years ago. Says the NCAA's press release, "The subcommittee delayed its decision on reaffirming the TicketCity Bowl license...pending further information and discussion of its business plan." Messages have been left for NCAA officials for further explanation.

For those paying attention, the city's really hoping the TicketCity Bowl sticks around: A briefing to the council earlier this month laid out a plan that has the State Fair of Texas giving the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau $200,000 that would go toward paying teams invited to play in the bowl. That's four years' worth of payments meant to market Fair Park. And the DCVB says it'll throw in another $200,000 on top of that. Unless, of course, it don't have to.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.