News & Notes: Kunkle Gets New Gig, Cortes Loses His & Irving Needs People

A few follow-ups with which to begin the day:

Sam went to Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle's retirement wingding in the Cedars yesterday, where the commish announced he'd be consulting for and teaching at the W.W. Caruth Jr. Police Institute at the University of North Texas at Dallas. In its press release, the university calls the position "executive in residence." Mazel mazel. What Sam should have asked the top cop was: Did Kunkle really go to a record store last week and buy New AmErykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh, as Erykah Badu told Vibe yesterday. ...

Speaking of law enforcement, Precinct 5 Constable Jaime Cortes, for whom the word "embattled" was apparently coined, will no longer be Precinct 5 constable: Beth Villarreal, the volunteer cop from Italy, got 1,913 votes; Cortes, 1,368. And, Jim, you wanna know who Clay Jenkins is? He's the Democratic nominee for Dallas County Judge. But only because he got 12,263 votes, while Larry Duncan received 6,528 ...

Speaking of implosions, Fast Company this morning sifts through the Texas Stadium rubble to find out how Irving's really going to develop the moonscape beneath -- in order, sort of, to fulfill Las Colinas's destiny as "Disney World for the affluent." Insert appropriate buzz words: "density," "transit oriented development," etc. Of course, it'll have to wait till TxDOT gives up the land in, oh, 'bout a decade or so. The Irving Chamber has its own ideas and, goodie, conceptual renderings.

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