News & Notes: Lost Society Closed, Dallas Police Warn to "Watch Your Car," Doug's Gym Feted

That's quite the hodgepodge. Nonetheless, to the briefs ...

Avi Adelman, first to the story despite what you read elsewhere, brings the latest news concerning Lost Society on Lower Greenville Avenue: The landlords have done put a padlock on the place. And that's not all: Co-owner Brightman Nwatu, already faced with deportation to Nigeria, awaits trial next month on charges he sexually assaulted a newly hired waitress at Lost Society last August. ...

In other crime-related news, Dallas Police Department this morning sends word that July is "Watch Your Car" month. There's a press conference scheduled later today, but long story short:

The main goal is to remind drivers that it is a violation of the law to leave the keys to the vehicle inside the car while the car is unattended. Fines for this violation range from $100.00 for leaving the key in the ignition to $200.00 for leaving the engine running.

And, finally, this unrelated news of note concerning my favorite next-door neighbor back when we were on Commerce Street downtown:

Doug's Gym has been hailed by Flex magazine as one of the best "real-deal gyms around the country." And not only because air-conditioning in July means open windows and a fan:They don't make gyms like Doug's anymore, if for no other reason than that you couldn't possibly duplicate the rusty, crusty, cob-webbed, vintage authenticity of the place.

Opened in 1962 by Doug Eidd (who turns 80 this year), Doug's has hosted the workouts of no-nonsense tough guys such as Chuck Norris and Ken Waller.

There's hardly a piece of equipment newer than the original lease on the space, and many that are quite a bit older, including one of those vibrating belt machines that women with names like Bea and Ethel believed would melt their fat away. We'll stick with the rusted, clanking dumbbells and gloriously crusty benches.

I coulda sworn Doug turned 80, like, seven years ago.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.