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News & Notes: Southwest Boots Passenger, a Greenville Ave. "Raid" and DMN Good News

Some weekend catch-up while we wake up following several base-running mistakes last night:

Kevin Smith is at the Granada Wednesday night, and, maybe, he'll address his earlier-this-year run-in with hometown-based Southwest Airlines, which, you'll no doubt recall, asked the filmmaker to deplane pronto lest his heft pose a "safety risk" to the other passengers. To which there's this interesting addendum, not entirely unrelated: The Sacramento Bee reported over the weekend that a frequent flier who'd paid full fare to go stand-by took her seat, only to be asked to get off, like, right now to make room for a late-arriving 14-year-old whose "girth" required she take up two seats. In other words: The Reverse Kevin Smith. And Southwest knows it effed up. Again. Says an SWA spokesperson: "We know this was awkward, and we should have handled it better." ...

Dallas Police sent word Saturday morning that a 19-year-old named Stephen Michael Jones was arrested Friday night after he ran a stop sign and T-boned a DPD squad car at Tremont Street and N. Munger Boulevard. The officers were taken to Baylor -- both suffered concussions, and one had some fractures. The DPD advisory also noted that "there are reports circulating that officers went to the location where the suspect had been drinking and raided the place but that cannot be confirmed and that information was not given out by this office." And so we turn to the Barking Dog. Who has pictures of the DPD raid on Hotel Capri. A follow forthcoming, actually ...

And, finally, A.H. Belo released its second-quarter financials this morning. And there's cause for celebration at Dallas Morning News HQ, where they were greeted by "the lowest year-to-year percent decline in more than two years." In the journalism business,  that's a big win.

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