Nigerian "Witch Doctor" Who Helped East Texas Drug Dealers Gets 14 Years in Prison

Christopher Omigie, according to federal investigators, was perceived to be someone who had mystical powers in the tribal tradition of his native Nigeria. He was a witch doctor, feds say, viewed as being capable of divining people's futures and, if necessary, warding off law enforcement.

It's only natural then that a ring of cocaine dealers operating in East Texas would seek Omigie's assistance. While making cocaine deliveries, traffickers would call Omigie to ask him how to best avoid detection. Sometimes, they would seek him out before transporting drugs, to get a blessing that would ward off any evil DEA spirits. Those blessings consisted, often, of being massaged with special oils or being cut with razor blades. After each treatment, those treated were instructed to go without bathing or having sex so as not to dilute the treatments' potency.

Soon, as colorfully described by the feds, Omigie would start providing more conventional assistance.

"In time, Omigie began to offer more corporeal (and pedestrian) services to the Barrera [drug trafficking organization] and its operations," they say.

Omigie brokered deals for the Texas organization near his Lafayette, Louisiana, home. He urged the traffickers to give those he referred to them more drugs so he could get a bigger commission. Eventually, he would be charged with helping move 23 kilograms of cocaine.

Omigie pleaded guilty in October. Thursday, he was sentenced to 14 years in federal prison.

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