"Nonsense" and "Rubbish": It's Natinsky's Turn to Respond to Rawlings's Campaign Mailer

We've already gotten former Dallas Police Chief-turned-Dallas mayoral candidate David Kunkle's response to Mike Rawlings's latest campaign mailer. Now, it's Ron Natinsky's turn to respond to the flier, which says -- without naming him -- that Natinsky served as chair of the city council's Economic Development Committee "while the tax burden on homeowners increased due to the lack of new growth." Here's the email that just landed in the Unfair Park in-box, in its entirety:

As chairman of the economic development committee and working with Mayor Tom Leppert, we grew the Dallas economy in ways that most American cities envy during very tough economic times.

I am proud to have fought side-by-side with Mayor Leppert to keep from raising taxes.

I played a key role in bringing the headquarters of AT&T, Tenet Healthcare and Comerica to Dallas. Most recently, I've been involved heavily in the Walmart expansion of 15 stores to Dallas (including the southern sector) and the redevelopment of the historic Statler Hilton Hotel. I also helped persuade more than 30 international companies to locate new offices and operations in Dallas, and I've marketed worldwide the International Inland Port of Dallas in Southeast Dallas.

Most of job creation in America comes from small businesses, and that's been my background. I've created a number of companies, employed hundreds of people, and have spent three decades working in international business in China, Hong Kong, Spain, Mexico, France, Canada, Brazil and other nations. Because of my background and relationships, I will continue to aggressively reach out to international executives looking for a new place for a factory, laboratory or headquarters.

To suggest that experience in building coalitions, serving as chair of the economic development committee, and building and creating small companies is not needed at City Hall is nonsense. And to suggest that Mayor Leppert left our City overtaxed and underserved is rubbish.

Coincidentally, I'm working from home this afternoon -- the boy and I have evening plans -- and as I was writing this item, that Natinsky campaign worker you see above came down the street knocking on doors and handing out bumper-sticker-sized campaign fliers and taking a survey about "what concerns me." Oh, you don't have the time.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.