North Texas Crime Commission Offering $5000 Reward In Playground Attack on Gay Woman

Late last month, 27-year-old Sondra Scarber and her girlfriend Hillary Causey headed to a Mesquite elementary school's playground, to take Causey's 4-year-old son Jaxon to play. The couple later told police that soon after they arrived, some much bigger boys started pushing Jaxon around.

"Can you please keep your hands off him?" Scarber asked. "He's only four."

At that, the couple says, the father of the older children approached Scarber, who wears her hair short and had on baggy clothes. Causey says that when he realized that she was female, and that the two women were a couple, he snapped.

"Oh, it's a bitch," Causey heard the man say.

"You're a woman, but you think you're a man," he added. Causey watched, horrified, as the man started punching Scarber, holding her by her necklace and calling her a faggot and a dyke. When she fell to the ground, unconscious, he continued kicking her. As he did, Causey heard him say, "I'm going to beat you like a man."

"I'm a female. I'm a female," Scarber kept saying over and over. Causey says her girlfriend never had a chance to even take her hands out of her pockets to ward off the attack.

The attacker also kicked Scarber in the mouth and stomped on her face, badly dislocating her jaw, according to the Dallas Voice . A woman who was with the attacker tried to get him to stop at one point, but he pushed her away. The woman finally convinced him to leave without hurting Causey, but only after he stole Scarber's phone, earrings, and hat.

No arrests have been made in the attack; the couple says that a large group of people playing basketball nearby did nothing to intervene, and when police arrived, told them they didn't see anything.

Yesterday, the Voice reported that the North Texas Crime Commission is now offering up to $5000 for information leading to an arrest in the attack. The paper reports that Rafael McDonnell, the director of communications and advocacy at Resource Center Dallas, spoke to the NTCC to draw their attention to the brutality of the attack.

Mesquite police have said they're looking for a black man, about 5'7" and 185 pounds. He was wearing a blue t-shirt, jeans, and driving an early 2000s silver Chevy Impala with temporary tags. The woman with him was black, 5'5", 140 pounds, wearing a white t-shirt and jeans.

In the weeks after the attack, Scarber's been slowly recovering. Causey's young son, who watched the entire attack and pleaded with the man not to kill her, has been undergoing counseling.

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