Nothing Fair About Efisio Farris' Cookbook

Efisio Farris, owner of Arcodoro & Pomodoro Ristoranti Italiani on Routh Street, receives a nice shout-out today in The New York Times in its round-up of cookbooks actually worth a damn. Anne Mendelson reviews Farris' recently published Sweet Myrtle and Bitter Honey: The Mediterranean Flavors of Sardinia, and gives it high marks: "Mr. Farris’s thoughtful essays on local ingredients and traditions (wild asparagus, household sausage-making) bring to life things that may be untranslatable. His carefully presented recipes try to translate them anyhow, with love and intelligence." Which echoes Publishers Weekly's review in October, which said that with the cookbook's publication, Farris "leaps into the front ranks of culinary regionalist and troubadour." --Robert Wilonsky

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