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Now We Have a Much Better Idea What Feds Want Hillwood to Produce in JWP Investigation

We've known since June 30 -- days after FBI agents raided the homes and offices of John Wiley Price and Kathy Nealy, among others -- that the feds had also paid a visit to Ross Perot Jr.'s Hillwood HQ. As Haynes and Boone's Barry McNeil told The News: "The FBI has served subpoenas to several clients of Kathy Nealy, and one of those clients is Hillwood." But till now, we never knew exactly what the feds were looking for.

Unfair Park has obtained an internal email sent to Hillwood employees on June 30 instructing them to "preserve both hard copy and electronic documents" related to "a Grand Jury Document Subpoena." Specifically, says the email, this is what Hillwood believed to be "potentially relevant ... to the issues in the government investigation":

  1. All documents created after January 1, 2002 that mention or relate to Kathy L. Nealy, Kathy L. Nealy & Associates or KLNA.
  2. All documents created after January 1, 2002 that mention or relate to Commissioner John Wiley Price III.
  3. All documents created after January 1, 2002 that mention or relate to the Dallas County Commissioners Court.
  4. All documents created after January 1, 2002 that mention or relate to any business, organization, or charity related to John Wiley Price III.
Documents created in the future. The continuing duty to preserve applies not just to documents that already exist, but also to documents created in the future. Accordingly, be sure to preserve all hard copy and electronic documents that fall within the subject matter categories above that you create or receive in the future.
The email goes on to instruct employees of Hillwood "to not make any judgment as to what might be unimportant or duplicative; all such documents must be preserved" and that "you will be contacted in the future about gathering the documents described above for review and production in the grand jury investigation."

McNeil is in trial and could not be reached, so Haynes and Boone's Larry Gaydos, who also reps Hillwood, was asked to verify the contents of the email. He would only say, "We got a subpoena for documents, and we're in the process of producing those. The government asked us not to discuss it, so we are honoring their request."

Hillwood, of course, is behind AllianceTexas, a direct competitor of Richard Allen's Dallas Logistics Hub inland port, in which Price and some pals wanted, ya know, equity.

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