Observer Owner Voice Media Group Gets In On Weed Advertising

Voice Media Group, the Dallas Observer's parent company, announced Tuesday that it's getting into the marijuana advertising business. Along with the digital marketing firm AdCellerant, VMG will back a "programmatic advertising network" for businesses in the weed industry.

“We are excited to bring to market an advertising solution that has been around for years for small businesses, yet has been out of reach for cannabis clients up until this point,” Scott Tobias, CEO of Voice Media Group said in a statement. “AdCellerant and Voice Media Group’s launch into this space represents our commitment to providing the best digital advertising solutions for small and medium-sized businesses across many different industries.”

So far, VMG and AdCellerant have tested the platform with more than 30 companies involved in the legal marijuana business. AdCellerant CEO Brock Berry says the companies are providing a unique opportunity for the pot industry.

“Many of our local media partners already work with cannabis businesses on their print advertising strategy. Now our partners will be able to offer their cannabis clients one of the most effective advertising solutions —  programmatic display advertising," he said Tuesday.

The new network, in deference to state laws that restrict marijuana advertising, will not be targeted to any website users under the age of 21 or feature any pictures of products. The word "marijuana" will also not be used in the partnership's products.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.