Oh, There's Former County Judge Jim Foster's Deposition ... On John Wiley Price's Website

Back in May '09 we ran a few pages from the first part of then-Dallas County Judge Jim Foster's deposition taken by County Commissioner John Wiley Price's attorneys concerning those "shakedown" comments Foster made to Schutze whilst discussing the Inland Port. Reason I went back to look for it: Foster says in the docs he'd spoken with the FBI "on many occasions" about Price and the Inland Port ... which, well, you know. Anyway.

I remember Jim wrote at the time that Price's attorney, Mark D. Johnson, halted the deposition because Chris Weil, Foster's attorney, "attempted to hide behind 24 objections in 48 minutes." I also remembered that Johnson told Schutze:

"In the eight months since Judge Foster claims that he spoke with the FBI, the FBI hasn't said boo to Commissioner Price. Not a word. Now, I don't know whether they conducted an investigation and found out he didn't do anything wrong, or if they didn't conducted an investigation at all, or if it's still ongoing. I don't know."

Well, we do now. Which brings me to this: I thought we'd published the second part of the deposition, which resumed in September 2009. But I can't find the docs anywhere on Unfair Park, which doesn't mean anything if you've ever tried to use the search engine. But I did find 'em on Price's website as one of only two "news" items on the site. (The other is a press release about the deposition in which Price says "it appears that Price has been an unwilling and uncooperative victim of either Foster's willful lies or his vivid imagination.")

That's an excerpt at top; the rest of the 76 pages follow. Oh, and I see you can still buy a JWP bobblehead. Thank God.

Jim Foster Deposition

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