On Lower Greenville Early This Morning, One Dead and One Injured in Parking Lot Shooting

At 2 this morning, Dallas Police officers were called to 1930 Greenville Avenue -- shots had been fired in a parking lot at Greenville and Alta Avenues, right across the street from the Cavern and Billiard Bar. Officers arrived and found two men had been shot -- one in the leg, according to Avi Adelman, the other in the chest. Both were taken to Baylor, where the man shot in the chest died of cardiac arrest.

DPD's account, sent via e-mail moments ago, says:

The shooting took place after a disturbance broke out between the parties at Club Malibu. The involved parties then became involved in a physical altercation in a parking lot southwest of the club near Greenville and Alta Ave. During the physical altercation one of the suspects went to a vehicle, retrieved a gun from the trunk and began shooting.

Avi, who arrived after the shooting, adds more details:

According to numerous eyewitnesses, two persons got into a verbal argument in front of a bar, which moved to a parking lot. Three bullet rounds were flagged in the parking lot, and at least two cars were damaged by bullets (including one blown-out windshield). Sources tell BD the first victim was hit in the leg and dragged to safety behind the building by a bar employee. The second victim was hit by a wild bullet. A witness tells BD patrons from Billiard Bar were applying pressure to the victim's chest and moving him around so as to avoid choking on his own blood.

DPD, however, says, "Our investigators have reason to believe the deceased victim was involved in the disturbance." Dallas police also say they have "a good suspect description and some suspect vehicle information to work with." DPD's presently at the scene conducting an investigation that includes homicide detective and gang unit officers. And though the name of the 32-year-old victim has been released elsewhere, DPD says next of kin hasn't been notified yet. Updates forthcoming.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.