Oncor, City Need Some Help Making Power Plant on Calatrava's West Side Look Nicer

Good timing: Later today, Leslie's cover story for the paper version of Unfair Park dealing with the city's involvement in efforts to thoughtfully (fingers crossed) redevelop West Dallas at the foot of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge will hit newsstands virtual and otherwise. So happens, according to the announcement that just hit the in-box, that Brent Brown's City Hall-based CityDesign Studio has one very specific project already in mind -- a redo of the Oncor substation at the western foot of the Calatrava.

Today, as matter of fact, CityDesign Studio is launching a come-one-come-all "Power Art" competition in conjunction with Oncor, funded in part by that National Endowment for the Arts Mayors' Institute on Community Design 25th Initiative grant the studio received last summer. Stipends ranging from $5,000 to $8,000 will be doled out to the top three finishers, be they individuals or teams.

Here's the website laying out the who, when, what and what-for. Says there that ....

This design competition seeks to engage students and professionals in architecture, design, arts and other creative disciplines to begin to re-imagine potential visual appearances of public infrastructure. Public infrastructure such as water and power utilities such as substations provides much needed services. While the thought of having a substation in a community, close to our computers, ovens or televisions, is not appealing for most residents, this infrastructure plays a very critical role in our everyday life. In areas where these currently exist, how do we begin to integrate art and design into these key infrastructure elements to enhance the public realm?

The objective of this competition shall be to examine creative, economical design solutions that enhance the arrival experience into the community while not compromising the sensitive engineering, safety and functional requirements fo the substation.

Registration closes June 29; entries are due July 8, with a public exhibit scheduled for late August.

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