One Calatrava Bridge is Finished. And Paid For.

By now construction crews were supposed to have hung several Calatrava cables, or what Schutze calls "Margaret Hunt Hill's Gee Strings." But wind gusts in recent weeks have grounded construction workers; hence, but the two at present. And so it falls to Chris Heinbaugh to finish the task: During yesterday's Easter in the Park wingding, which included but of course the annual Pooch Parade, I received no fewer than half a dozen photos of the mayor's "policy and media adviser" sporting The Greatest Easter Bonnet Ever.

Heinbaugh, who stepped in to help rescue the annual event, says it took him "a few days" to finish -- just the bridge, that is. Other city council staffers insisted he add the flowers and other frills, which is so like city staff. "I have a new appreciation for Michael's," says Heinbaugh. I asked Heinbaugh if I could buy the bonnet from him when he's done -- for Schutze, of course. But I think $10.7 million is just an unreasonable asking price.

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