One Million Moms Is Now Calling For A Boycott Against "Blasphemous" GCB

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Back in February, it was semi-big news when a group called One Million Moms called for a boycott of Dallas-based J.C. Penney. The reason was the company's new spokeswoman, Ellen DeGeneres, who you will be shocked to learn is gay, and thus obviously unfit to sell pleated Dockers and window treatments to the American public. But a few days ago, OMM director Monica Cole told a Christian news website the Moms are done boycotting J.C. Penney. Not because the boycott failed to convince J.C. Penney to drop DeGeneres, but because they're moving on to other, more important issues. Like calling for a boycott of GCB, the new ABC show about drunken, back-stabbing, big-hair-having Park Cities ladies that Schutze loves for its historical veracity.

On their website, One Million Moms put out an action alert about the show, which reads in part:

OMM is disgusted with the new program "Good Christian Belles" which is blasphemy at its worst! It is based on the book "Good Christian B*tches" and mocks Christianity repeatedly. This anti-Christian program blasphemes God, Jesus Christ, God's Church, and the Bible. As Christians, we will not stand for this Christian-bashing program. No other religion has to contend with this ridicule so why should we? The network's irresponsible behavior must be accounted for. They are deliberately attempting to sabotage our faith. Their actions are damaging and destructive to our religion. As Christians we must demand respect. Together we will defend our Christian values and beliefs.

And they're already claiming a victory: Kraft pulled their ad for Philadelphia Cream Cheese a few days ago, which OMM claims the company decided to do "after consumer complaints started to pile up."

"Way to go moms! You are making a HUGE difference! Kraft heard you loud and clear," reads an update on the OMM website.

Or maybe not. The Hollywood Reporter got a statement from Kraft that said, actually, they just decided to "redirect advertising to other programs with an established audience." The statement adds, ""Although we received a few consumer complaints, this decision was not linked in any way to the content of this particular show."

One Million Moms is a project from the American Family Association, which the Southern Poverty Law Center designates as an "anti-gay" hate group, mainly owing to the fact that it's rabidly anti-gay. (There's also a One Million Dads site, which, disappointingly, is much less active. They do occasionally protest more manly things, like NASCAR and Family Guy.) One News Now, the Christian news website they talked to about dropping the J.C. Penney boycott, is also owned and operated by the AFA.

If boycotting GCB doesn't stir you the way active homophobia does, OMM's also currently calling for a boycott against Toys 'R' Us for selling the "gay wedding" issue of Archie. Luckily for the Moms, no more impressionable children will be able to get their hands on the issue. Unluckily, it's because it's completely sold out.

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