One More Reason Why Houston Sucks

Says in the Houston Chronicle that Houston-based conservative radio "pundit" and District 7 candidate for the Texas Senate Dan Patrick is coming to Dallas by Labor Day. (No, not the ESPN dude. Or the race-car chick, either.) Patrick's buying 25,000-watt KMGS-AM (1160), the "Smokin' Oldies" station based with a Highland Park-based signal, and he's looking to put other right-wing politicos on the air, which is just an awesome idea that I am sure will engender much rational, thoughtful discussion about the day's events.

The station is currently licensed to Dallas-based First Broadcasting Capital Partners, LLC, the $200-million company on St. Paul Street that also owns KFXR-AM (1190, or Lone Star Classic Country) and some 10 other stations across the country. But the Federal Communications Commission has no info about a pending sale on its Web site; the most recent application from First Broadcasting was concerning the building of a new broadcasting tower, which the FCC approved in April. So maybe Patrick's full of it--the Chron story has no quotes from First Broadcasting folks--or maybe he's telling the truth; hard to tell with radio guys. We'll make calls and find out. We're good like that. We just hate to see the Smokin' Oldies format go buh-bye; it's like The Jack, you know, but for old...sorry, older people. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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