Parading Around The Arrogance

Look, we all know our Dallas Mavericks are gonna win the NBA Finals. But that doesn't mean the series is over just yet. The Mavs are up 2-0 heading into tonight's Game 3, where the Miami Heat will almost certainly ride desperation to a big early lead. They call it human nature, and the hungry man beats the full man to the buffet every time. The end, however, is just a matter of time. No way the Heat beat the Mavs four of the next five. So, well, I guess let's plan the parade.

Oops, the city of Dallas is way ahead of us here. I was at the Dallas Cowboys' downtown parade in 1993--you remember, fans mobbing the open flatbed trucks and racial tensions spewing from nowhere and everywhere--and recall being really scared when I should've been really happy. For the Mavs' celebration it looks like the city is preparing for 500,000 fans on June 20, 22 or 26, depending on when Dallas drives the final nail in Miami's coffin. Certainly news of these plans will trickle down to South Beach before tonight's tip-off, all the more reason to believe the Mavs won't pull off a sweep. But, again, 'tis better to be planning a parade than a funeral. Right, Shaq? --Richie Whitt

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