Paranormal Activity at the Pride House?

Back in August, I drove out east to Jefferson to get a lesson in paranormal investigation at the Pride House, Texas' first bed and breakfast and noted haunt spot favored by Southern Paranormal Investigations and Upshur Paranormal. I'm not sure if the house is inhabited by ghosts, but I do know that it's charming as all get-out, and so the Man O' The Hour and I decided to head back to the B&B this weekend for a birthday getaway. In anticipation of getting the pants scared off me yet again, I went back and had a listen to the EVP's that investigator Ian Powell e-mailed to me after he listened to hours of tape of our August investigation.

You may know of EVP's -- electronic voice phenomena -- from one of Michael Keaton's finer latter works, White Noise. Paranormal investigators love them. We spent hours with recorders in hand at the Pride House, calling out to whatever spirits may have been present. Powell spent the next several weeks listening closely to the tapes, and came up with two EVP's he thinks might be legit.

If you ain't afraid of no ghosts, join me after the jump.

The first recording came from a group of us patrolling upstairs in a Pride House bedroom -- you can hear my voice, along with Ian's and another investigator's. Ian thinks there's a woman saying something like "Tellin' you Margaret."

This second recording is from the upstairs hallway, where the ghost of a little girl named Sarah is supposed to be heard and seen playing. Here, Ian believes she says "Hi."

We're planning to go on the Jefferson Ghost Walk this Saturday night, so we'll be sure to let y'all know if any additional spookiness happens.

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