Perhaps a Name Change We Can All Believe In: How About "Trinity Forest Boulevard"?

From the looks of this sneak peek at a presentation Willis Winters, assistant director of Park and Rec, is giving the council's Trinity River Corridor Project Committee on Tuesday, that $3 mil earmarked for the so-called Loop 12 Gateway will most likely wind up being spent on Trinity River Audubon Center enhancements and signage -- no surprise there. All that's left now: land acquisition, doing the designs, making the signs ...

What is a surprise: Dave Neumann and Vonciel Jones Hill's recommendation that the council change the name of Loop 12 East to Trinity Forest Boulevard, which does have a much nicer ring. In their letter to the committee, dated Wednesday, the dynamic duo write:

The Trinity River Corridor Project continues to be of critical importance to the long term development of our City of Dallas. Our focus remains on flood protection, transportation, investment in parks and recreation, and resulting economic development.

The Trinity project has many portals for our citizens to access trails, parks, and recreational opportunities. The intersection of Interstate 45 and Loop 12 will be the gateway to the Great Trinity Forest, Trinity Audubon Center, and many others. In order to heighten citizen and visitor awareness of this key gateway, we hereby recommend Loop 12 East from 1-45 to CF Hawn/Buckner Boulevard be renamed Trinity Forest Boulevard.

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Robert Wilonsky
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