Pony Down: Craig James is Definitely Running for Senate, If This Video Is Any Indication

Celina-based American Craig James wears many hats, every last one of them red white and blue. He's an SMU legend. He's a former New England Patriot. He's a father who will go to any lengths to make sure his son gets the playing time he deserves, even if those lengths make him seem like a conniving dick. And now, it seems, he's a future candidate for the U.S. Senate.

As reported by The Hill, James told his fellow patriots at the Coffee and Markets podcast that he's still considering whether to jump onto the already crowded pile of GOP candidates vying to replace Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison. He'll make a decision this fall.

But he's formed a political fund-raising arm, Texans for a Better America, and put together the horse-galloping masterpiece on the other side, which manages to makes use of every campaign-video trope there is: soldiers, former soldiers, adorable children, a lonely Latina lady, the dinner table, violins, an impossibly baritone voice over, the Constitution, a feather pen with which to amend the Constitution, bovines and flags. Beautiful waving flags.

So either he's running for office or he's taking a community college class in video production and didn't have any good ideas for his final project. You be the judge.

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Joe Tone
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