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Press Release o' the Day: Councilman Salazar to Present KISS's Gene Simmons With Key to Dallas

No doubt you're aware that KISS's Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed (who I wouldn't Google Image search from the office too hard, if I were you) are among the myriad celebs hosting Super Bowl shindigs next week. Theirs is the Aces & Angels Salute to the Troops at Fair Park, which will lick it up one week from tonight in the Centennial Building. Break out your love guns and prepare to rock and roll all night.

But a few days before their big event at Fair Park, Simmons and Tweed will be at Dallas City Hall for what in no way should be considered a photo op for council member Steve Salazar or the other scheduled-to-appear invitees, among them state Sen. Royce West; council members Dwaine Caraway, Delia Jasso, Angela Hunt, Ron Natinsky, Tennell Atkins and Pauline Medrano; and former state Rep. Tony Goolsby, among others. Nope, says the release that landed in the Unfair Park in-box earlier this afternoon, Friday afternoon's presentation in the Flag Room at Dallas City Hall, during which Salazar will give Simmons and Tweed the key to the city, is all about how the KISS Army supports the U.S. Military.

Let's go to the release. Let's, shall we say, shout it out loud.

Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed will be hosting more than 500 of our North and Central Texas soldiers who have just returned from Iraq and Afghanistan at Aces & Angels Salute to the Troops on Feb 2 at Centennial Hall in Fair Park. The event supports the USO and the Wounded Warrior Project. Gene Simmons will be filming his show here and entertaining the troops as he does all over the country. All parties would like to bring attention to the tireless work of our Armed Forces and those who support them and reinforce that pledge of support, gratitude and patriotism while the eyes of the world are focused on North Texas, the City of Dallas and the Super Bowl XLV events.
Hit it, oh, God of Thunder. I still have this, by the way. Got it when I was 9. Came with Double Platinum, third record I ever bought with my own money. It'd probably be wrong to ask him to sign it, right? Yeah. Probably.

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Robert Wilonsky
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