QR Signs of the Times, Past and Future, Are On Display Around White Rock Lake. Today Only.

Took the visiting mother-in-law to White Rock Lake yesterday, and as we were leaving, the wife espied a sign like the one you see above in this photo posted by Jason Roberts to his Facebook page last night. Turns out it's part of that BlockCamp project about which we wrote in January, wherein Roberts and Ean and Erik Schuessler of Brainfood, seen at left, are creating apps linked to Dallas data and, now, local history -- in this instance, White Rock Lake tidbits tied to the 100th anniversary celebration. (Speaking of: Maps, past and present, were on display at Big Thicket on Saturday.)

There are, per the OpenDFW site, five White Rock signs, one each for the Bath House, Winfrey Point, Sunset Inn, Flagpole Hill and the Filter Building. They were done within the past week, Roberts tells Unfair Park this morning, which is why there aren't photos up ... yet. He directs our attention to the World Park project in Manhattan, which serves as a jumping-off point for the White Rock doings.

Wrote Roberts Saturday night, the signs will be up through today, and "we'll be using these quite a bit in other projects to be announced soon."

I asked him this morning: What kind of projects?

"In the past, there were some restaurants in the area, and we're wondering: Can we re-create these restaurants as pop-ups to see how well they'd do?" he says. "Like, in New York, on the edge of Central Park, where the public and private sectors meet, there are all these places to grab coffee and food before you actually get inside the park. We want to do that here too.

"And, if nothing else, restaurants can generate revenue to maintain the area," he says. "And we wanted to do something outside of our Oak Cliff-centric projects. There's just so much potential. It's like the possibilities with the Internet when it first started -- you can do so much you almost don't know where to begin."

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.