Former city council member James Fantroy, who chose prison over apology.

Rather Than Offer a Simple "Sorry," Fantroy Instead Chooses Prison

This just in from KTVT-Channel 11, for those spending time indoors this Memorial Day: Former Dallas city council member James Fantroy, found guilty in February of embezzling about $21,000 held in trust for Paul Quinn College's community development fund, has opted to go to prison for a month rather than offer an apology or admit he did anything wrong. No surprise, really -- health care's said to be top-notch in the federal joint.

Last Wednesday U.S. District Judge Ed Kinkeade offered Fantroy the chance to fess up or spend a little time behind bars -- options offered to Fantroy because of his failing health and use of a wheelchair. As the U.S. Attorney's Office media release noted last week, "Judge Kinkeade stated that if Fantroy apologized and admitted what he did was wrong, then he would waive the 30-day sentence." So, it's off to prison he goes then: Summer vacation begins June 27. Then, home confinement for 180 days, which I could totally use if only to catch up on some DVD boxed sets and summer reading. --Robert Wilonsky

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