Re: Fat Ain't Phat

A guy who thinks we're ridiculous is somewhere in this picture.

Jake Palenske runs NCompass Media, LLC out of Sachse; it's a "multimedia production company [specializing] in rich-media projects for delivery on CD or DVD, DVD interface design," and if you don't know what that means, I can't help ya. (You can read about him here and here if you must.) But Palenske's day job isn't what gets him admission to Unfair Park. No, it's his side project: Palenske, you see, is also a Dallas Mavericks ManiAAC, which means he's one of those Sloppy Joes out there busting moves and other body parts whilst gyrating during game-time breaks.

Palenske's very proud of his gig, so much so he took the time to write to us about Richie Whitt's recent item about upcoming ManiAACs auditions, which are being conducted by former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and current Dallas Mavericks dancer director Shella Sattler. Seems Jake didn't take too kindly to Richie's description of the ManiAACs as "the nationally renowned, locally embarrassing squad of male fatties." What the proud Palenske has to say is after the jump.

"Your blog entry on the ManiAACs is probably the most ridiculous posting I've seen yet, from what is certainly a ridiculous publication. When was the last time you came to a Mavs game? Have you ever spoken to any of us (yes, I'm one of the 'fat guys')? Do you know we're ranked, by Mavs fans, as the best part of the in-game entertainment, year after year? Do you know that ten teams throughout the league have duplicated us, and their fans love them as much as Mavs fans love us? Do you know that we do over 100 appearances at schools and charity events every year, raising money for Habitat for Humanity, All Star Miracle Homes and The Komen foundation just to name a few?

I teach journalism to high school and college students across the country, and last time I checked some research should be done even for opinion pieces. While I appreciate that your Fox New Channel style of 'Fair and Balanced' journalism probably sells papers, you might want to include some--gasp--actual facts in your postings. That IS sort of the point of being a blogger, no? To give good journalistic information from a personal viewpoint?

And by the way...Shella is way, way out of your league. She prefers us fat guys who do their background research."

Really, is it time to go home yet? --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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