Read For Yourself Jaime Cortes's Lawsuit Calling for Removal of Judge Foster

OK, so Sam's still working on his John Wiley press conference piece. But here's something even better, if I do say so myself: Precinct 5 Constable Jaime Cortes's lawsuit, just filed in Dallas County District Court, in which he calls for the removal of Dallas County Judge Jim Foster. We'd heard this was coming ever since Foster released Danny Defenbaugh's report about Cortes on February 15, and here it is -- Cortes accusing Foster of "gross official misconduct," "incompetency," seeking "vigilante justice" and going on "a witch-hunt akin to Watergate" when Foster seized his computer last year.

In the suit, Cortes accuses Foster of going after him because the judge is "motivated by animosity resulting from what happened to his friend Mike Dupree." We all remember what happened to Mike Dupree, right? Right. Let's read it together, shall we? Jump, before you're investigated!

Cortes v Foster

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Robert Wilonsky
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