Rick Perry Wisely Strikes Back with Video Targeting Travis County DA

That image you see above is of a surprising email that just hit my (and probably yours) inbox from RickPac, Governor Rick Perry's federal political action committee.

The surprising part isn't that Perry's PAC is using his recent indictment to solicit contributions. All's fair ... when life gives you lemons ... etc. In fact, one wonders what took his people so long to throw this together. The indictment came down Friday, and here it is Tuesday already. Did someone have weekend plans?

And it's not at all surprising to see the delightful video footage of a drunk-ass Rosemary Lehmberg, the Travis County district attorney whose refusal to resign after she was popped for DWI led to the Perry veto for funding for her office's Public Integrity Unit, which then led to his indictment. Heck, if I were a GOP strategist for candidate for governor Greg Abbott about now, I'd be buying up TV time for ads showing Lehmberg's arrest with the words "She's a Democrat. So's Wendy Davis" superimposed on Lehmberg's vodka-soaked mug.

No, the surprising, almost terrifying thing is that I kinda want to click on that "contribute" button. Thank Texans for Public Justice, Craig McDonald and Rosemary Lehmberg for that, you dumbasses.

Here's the video from RickPac. Watch it and weep, fellow lefties.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.