Road Trip: On the Set of Local Filmmaker Tom Huckabee's Carried Away

Fort Worth-based filmmaker Tom Huckabee's first feature was a post-apocalyptic William S. Burroughs adaptation, in which a 19-year-old Bill Paxton gets a brainwashing and a sex change from militant feminists.

For his second feature now, 26 years later, Huckabee is tackling slightly milder themes, like family ties and caring for the elderly. In Carried Away, which has been filming around Dallas and Fort Worth over the past few weeks, a guy liberates his senile grandmother from her nursing home and takes her on the road through West Texas and out toward California. As the two get to know each other better (a little too well, in one motel scene filmed just after our visit), his father and brothers chase after them into the desert.

We caught up with the crew filming outside Ravens Corner Pharmacy in Oak Cliff and at Fort Worth's Classic Inn, both locations used as stand-ins for El Paso. For shots of the always impressive Red One HD camera in action, and the prelude to the steamy-wrong scene between Juli Erickson's "Granny" and Gabriel Horn's "Ed", check out our slide show from the film set.

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