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Roasters' N Toasters, Toasted

Maybe I'll get around to writing this for City of Ate: Why can't Dallas do a proper Hebrew deli? Sure -- it's a dying art and an endangered species. So says David Sax in his book Save the Deli; as NPR put it a few months back, he's on a mission to save the Jewish deli, close to a permanent shalom in the foresaken flyover. Which I mention this morning only because Roasters' N Toasters, the Preston Road outpost of the Miami mainstay, has served its last pastrami sandwich and bowl of matzo ball soup.

The Dallas location remains on the Web site, but Danny Kaplan, president of Roasters, tells Unfair Park from Miami this morning the deli closed two weeks ago: "It wasn't doing the kind of business we expected." Which makes this ... what, the third deli to shutter in that location at Preston and LBJ? (After Deli News Too and Ed's Deli.) "I'm disappointed," says Kaplan, who blames the deli's poor performance on management, his own mispacha. And, whatever you do, don't ask him about Zinsky's. Roasters didn't even make it a year.

I miss Walls. And Bagelsteins. Come back, Gilbert's. All is ... forgiven?

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