Rudy Giuliani Will be at Victory Plaza Tonight. We Suggest At Least One Question.

We are so not endorsing Rudy Giuliani, or any one else, in any way. But we couldn't help but point out that Mayor Rudy, who comes to Dallas an awful lot trolling for dough as he gears up his run for the White House, will be down in Victory Plaza this evening for a shindig with supporters. And by "supporters," we assume he means folks who aren't Tom Hicks (who will be working to raise $30 mil for Rudy's campaign) and SMU athletic director Steve Orsini and men's basketball coach Matt Doherty, with whom Rudy met in October for still-unexplained reasons.

The event's set for 6 p.m. at the American Airlines Center AT&T Plaza, which is outside the American Airlines Center and on its south side, at 2500 Victory Avenue. (Perhaps a case of wishful thinking? Perhaps not.) Either way, this does give us an excellent opportunity to link to The Smoking Gun's item from last month: excerpts from the formerly confidential 450-page report Giuliani's research director and another aide prepared during his 1993 run for NYC mayor against Democratic incumbent David Dinkins.

Like, we totally forgot about the part that led his own people to refer to Rudy's "weirdness factor," which is to say, Giuliani's 14-year marriage to his second cousin -- which, TSG reminds, was "a union that he got annulled by claiming to have never received proper dispensation from the Catholic Church for the unorthodox nuptials." So, yeah, ask him about it tonight. He loves to talk about that period of his life. Really. --Robert Wilonsky

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