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Seems Like Old Times, as Pete Schenkel Signs On as Natinsky's Mayoral Campaign Treasurer

I've already seen council member Ron Natinsky's for-mayor website -- though, at the moment, it's little more than an under-construction placeholder. But says here that on Thursday, he filed with the City Secretary's Office his official paperwork naming his campaign finance treasurer, which makes it official: He's a-runnin' -- along with Jim Moore, who announced back in, like, August. So far, that's it.

Says Natinsky's paperwork, his campaign treasurer is none other than Pete Schenkel, former head of Schepps Dairy and later the man-in-charge at Dean Foods who'd go on to help bring a football game back to the Cotton Bowl on New Year's Day. Interesting side note: As Lee Cullum wrote in D way back in '82, Schenkel also ran Jack Evans's first campaign for Dallas mayor in '81, back when Schenkel was serving on the Park Board. "Well acquainted with traditional sources of power in Dallas," she wrote, Schenkel is "a good connector of groups such as the Dallas Assembly and the Salesmanship Club to other sectors of the city."

The more things change ...

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