Service Employees International Union's Texas Coordinator on "The Truth About Tom Leppert"

Really. Who knew?

Who knew that Ron Natinsky's early-morning jab at Mike Rawlings over his union endorsements would become The Issue of the Day? Surely not Tom Leppert, who wound up having his spokesman comment on the matter once Rawlings made it clear that, hey, he didn't do nothing Leppert didn't do when he ran for Dallas mayor -- that is to say, seek the endorsement of the Service Employees International Union and Workers United. As Shawn McCoy put it, Leppert "believes workers have a right to join a union if they choose, but more importantly, Tom has actively campaigned for workers' essential right to choose not join a union if they don't want to by expanding Right to Work."

It's that response that got the attention of Shannon Perez, SEIU's political coordinator in Texas, who just sent an email with the subject header "The Truth About Tom Leppert" that includes a handful of handouts in which Leppert's seen wearing an SEIU T-shirt and meeting with Water Department employees when they were considering forming their own union. (Also attending that meeting: current Mayor Dwaine Caraway, who, of course, is supporting Ron Natinsky for mayor. In case you forgot.)

The package also included a letter to state Sen. Royce West sent on March 27, 2009, in which Leppert wrote of his support for West's SB 1450, which called for allowing city employees to collectively bargain with City Hall honchos about "wages, hours, and other terms and conditions of employment." All those docs follow, as does
Perez's "truth about Tom Leppert," which concludes, "Liar, liar, pants on fire!" Jump, but, as always, look for the union label.

This is what Perez sent this afternoon, in full:

"The Republican primary voters of the state of Texas need to know the truth about Tom Leppert.

When he first ran for Mayor, as a moderate and a supporter of working men and women, he was pro-SEIU, pro-public employees organizing, pro-collective bargaining.

So committed to these ideals was Tom, that he vigorously pursued SEIU's endorsement.

So committed to these ideals was Tom, that he came to our union organizing launch in the Water Department -- encouraging folks to join SEIU.

So committed to these ideals was Tom, he frequently threw on an SEIU T-shirt and came to our union hall.

So committed to these ideals was Tom, that he wrote a letter of support to Senator West and testified in favor of SEIU members getting a form of collective bargaining.

Tom even signed an SEIU membership card!

Now, that Tom wants to compete in a Republican primary, he has renounced his support of unions and even has the gall to declare he "has expanded the Right to Work."

Liar, liar, pants on fire! Republican primary voters should be wary of Tom, his "ideals" take a back seat to his political ambition."

Leppert for Meet and ConferLeppert in SEIU T-Shirt in NewsletterLeppert in SEIU T-Shirt Signing Union CardLeppert at Water Department Membership Launch

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