Is Sherman Allen back on the job? So we hear ...

Sherman Allen Resigns from the Church of God in Christ

Pastor Sherman Allen has left the Church of God in Christ and is back in the pulpit preaching, according to several sources.

Allen, founder and pastor of Shiloh Institutional Church of God in Christ -- the name of the church, one presumes, will have to change now -- is accused in a lawsuit of beating and sexually assaulting a former church employee named Davina Kelly. Since Kelly's suit was filed early this year, numerous women have come forward with similar claims, including the allegation that Allen whacks women on the butt with a paddle as a form of spiritual discipline.

Allen's wife -- as well as several guest ministers -- had been holding down the pulpit while Allen was under suspension by the Memphis-based Church of God in Christ, the biggest Pentecostal denomination in the United States. Allen's suspension precluded him from carrying out any pastoral duties as COGIC awaited the outcome of the Kelly lawsuit.

Now that Allen is out from under COGIC discipline, he is free to resume his career as a popular guest preacher and prophet -- if anyone is still interested in hearing him. (We attempted to confirm Allen's exit from COGIC with the denomination on several occasions but have still not received a response.)

COGIC, however, might still be on the hook for any monetary damages that result from the Kelly lawsuit or other legal action, because the alleged events took place while he was a COGIC pastor. --Julie Lyons

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