So, Facebook, You Wanna Know Where Dave Neumann Is? Well, You See ...

I can tell you exactly where District 3 council member David A. Neumann is at this very moment: at his office at Ivy Jane. Picked right up when I called him not 15 minutes ago. Then he proceeded to do what he always does whenever I get him on the phone: "You need to call me at my office at City Hall: 214-670-0776."

I told him, "I just called City Hall and got a recording that says you're in today but can't pick up. So, then, since you're not at City Hall and while I have you on the phone ..."

"You need to call me at my office at City Hall: 214-670-0776," the Oak Cliff rep said again, in such a similar-sounding tone of voice I thought at first it was a recording. Only, he added: "Leave me a message what this is about, and I will try to call you back." I told him that didn't work last time, and tried to squeeze in the reason for my call.

"You need to call me at my office at City Hall: 214-670-0776. Leave me a message what this is about, and I will try to call you back." He must have that written down on a sheet of paper he keeps by his phone for whenever Observer reporters call. Smart.

I'd tell you to tell him what I was calling about when you see him. But that's not likely to happen. Because, see, what I wanted to ask him about was the Where's Neumann? Facebook page to which I received an invite this morning. Which is? Let's jump for a Q&A with its mysterious proprietor(s).

First: I did call his office again and got his assistant, with whom I left this message: "I'd like to talk to the councilman about the Facebook page that asks, 'Where's Neumann?' Seems there's been a lack of sightings of late." I also left my number. Twelve times, just to make sure she had it.

Now, of course, we're not the only media outlet invited to join the page -- I see Josh Hixson has also run an item about this public scolding. But I too had some questions, for which answers were provided (except the one about "who is this?"):

At what point did you guys decide, "You know, it's time to call out Dave Neumann -- put it on Facebook and alert the media and tell 'em we're tired of not having our council member present and accounted for"?

In the last 30 days. Lots of good publicity for Oak Cliff, lots of momentum. All of it seems to be initiated by volunteers who care about the community. And Neumann has been off the radar.

But really, is anyone else sick of hearing about that do-gooder Jason Roberts? We just want to see Neumann back in the media spotlight where he belongs. His dashing good looks and interesting affect in his voice... what's not to love?

Has there been any effort to contact his office, to see what's what?

There have been a steady stream of invitations and requests for his presence at events/ meetings in the neighborhood. He typically responds (or his office responds) that he is unable to attend.

Perhaps we need to friend him on FB to see what's what.

To which events has he been invited? What has he declined? And when's the last time anyone saw him or talked to him?

Last event I can confirm he was invited to was the Mardi Gras parade. I spoke with the organizer and she verified the invite and the decline. I heard he was at the Trinity River Levee race last month, but the mayor was there too, so that's no surprise. Seems if you want to find Neumann, you've got to find Leppert first.

And who am I corresponding with? Because I'd be remiss if I didn't ask.

Like I told Hixson, there may be one person doing most of the typing here, but this is a community effort.

OK, is this Schutze?

I'm not [sure] if I should take that as a compliment or not.

But no ... I am registered to vote in district 3. I don't believe Schutze is. But if he moves here we'd love to get him to run for Neumann's seat.

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