"Some Call Me the Sexy Russian": Federal Case Still Pending, Fermanova's Got a New Gig

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Anna Fermanova

's Thursday-night debut on the CW33, for which she's now an entertainment-gossip correspondent. I'll leave it to you to review the performance, which is on the other side, though how she squeezes even two minutes out of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore's tweets a remarkable feat all by its lonesome. Anyway. Just for kicks I called her attorney, Scott Palmer, to see if he was cool with it -- especially her sign-off ("Some call me the sexy Russian"), since, ya know, there are still those pesky federal weapons-smuggling charges pending.

"It's the first I've heard of it," he tells Unfair Park. Palmer says he only found out about the gig last night.

"I'm glad she's working," he says. "She's going to school for mass media, so this is right up here alley." Wait, what? "Of course it's ironic, given the worldwide coverage she received. But it's definitely a job in her field, so it's fine. It's what she wants to do." Besides, it coulda been worse.

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